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Grant of Arms to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem 
by Pope Alexander IV (1259)



The Rule of Blessed Raymond du Puy



Statutes of Fra. Jobert 1176



Statutes of Fra. Jobert 1177



Statutes of Fra. Roger de Moulins 1181



Report on the proposed Catholic Grand Priory of Russia 1797



Creation of the Catholic Grand Priory of Russia 1797



Proclamation of Paul I as Protector of the Order of Malta 1797



Report on the Creation of Orthodox Commanderies 1798



Proposed creation of Greek Orthodox Commanderies 1797



The Maltese Order During 1797 - 1801 from the official records



Letter from the East to Master of Knights Hospitaller 1187



Investiture of a new Knight pre 1798



The Full Treaty of Amiens



Epistle of Pius VI to de Litta 5th November 1798



Election of Paul I as Grand Master 1798



Creation of Commanderies for Russian Nobles 1798



Support from the Grand Priory of Germany for Paul I - Oct. 1798



Lord Nelson's letter to Emperor Paul I of Russia - Nov. 1798



Regulation edict for the two Russian Grand Priories - Dec. 1798



Appeal by Paul I, Grand-Master of the Order, to the European Nobility Dec. 1798



Order from Paul I Grandmaster ejecting the Priory of Bavaria from the Order



Pro memoria of Pius VII to Mgr Laurent de Litta Nuncio to Russia March 1799



The Abdication of Hompesch to the Emperors of Austria and Russia 1799



Report from the Annual Register of the Order of St John for 1799




Proclamation of Validity - Prince Serge Troubetzkoy



Papal Bull from Pope Anastasius IV



Papal Bull from Pope Pascal II